Christmas Bauble Sack

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🎅 Elevate Your Christmas Gifting with Shapes Design Christmas Bauble Sacks! 🎁

Wrap your holiday treasures in the charm of our Christmas Sacks, a delightful addition to the Shapes Design Christmas collection. Here’s why our Santa Sacks are the perfect blend of style and tradition:

Custom Santa Sacks: Experience the joy of personalization with our custom Santa Sacks. Add a touch of uniqueness to your Christmas gifting by choosing from our three enchanting designs: Christmas Tree, Gifted Elegance, and The Bauble.

🌿 Premium Cotton Canvas: Crafted from high-quality cotton canvas, our Santa Sacks are not only stylish but also durable. Feel the luxurious texture in your hands as you prepare to fill these sacks with festive surprises.

🎁 Generous 38-Litre Capacity: Embrace the spirit of giving with our spacious 38-litre capacity Santa Sacks. Whether it’s big or small, our sacks accommodate all your holiday goodies in one stylish package.

🔗 Rope Drawstring Closure: Secure your presents with elegance using the rope drawstring closure. It adds a touch of rustic charm while keeping your gifts safely tucked away until the joyous moment of unwrapping.

📏 Perfect Size: Measuring at 19×30″ (50x75cm), our Santa Sacks strike the ideal balance between festive grandeur and practicality. They are spacious enough to hold a variety of gifts while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance under the tree.

🎄 Christmas Tree Design: Dive into the simplicity of the season with our first style – the Christmas Tree. Picture a green triangle symbolizing the tree, a gift box at its feet, and a single circle adorning the top as a festive decoration. Shapes Design transforms basic shapes into holiday magic.

🎀 Gifted Elegance Design: Imagine a dance of shapes in our second style – Gifted Elegance. Four gift boxes, two columns, two rows. The cross gap forms a ribbon, elegantly wrapping the boxes. Crowned with two triangles and a circle, these minimal shapes tell the tale of festive bows.

🔔 The Bauble Design: Embrace simplicity with our third style – The Bauble. A golden sphere adorned with a square and triangle, crafts the iconic bauble. It’s a harmonious blend of tradition and minimalistic charm.

This holiday season, let Shapes Design elevate your gifting experience with our Christmas Sacks. Choose your favourite design or mix and match for a truly personalized touch. Make this Christmas unforgettable with Shapes Design – where tradition meets contemporary elegance. Order yours now and make every gift a masterpiece! 🌟🎀

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Christmas Bauble Sack - Main ImageChristmas Bauble Sack
£ 29.00