A glimpse of what we are

We believe that elegant, uncomplicated design can make a real impact. You don’t need complexity to create change. We’re not here to merely consume; we’re here to craft.
For an independent homeware design brand, it’s all about simplicity and beauty. Our aim at Shapes Design Store is to enhance your daily life through straightforward yet elegant designs, bringing joy to your world.
To fulfil this mission, we’re committed to a sustainable approach, fostering a harmonious relationship with our planet and society as a whole. Shapes is a fresh design venture, offering minimalistic artwork for display, home styling products, and portable items.
Our ultimate goal? To craft products without waste, producing only when you truly need them. Everything we create is made to order, reflecting our core values of originality, functionality, durability, and sustainability. We design our products to stand the test of time, ageing gracefully.
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